What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

We are a physician owned, Direct Primary Care (DPC) family medicine practice that reunites the physician and patient in a proactive partnership. We do not contract with outside parties that may influence the outcome of your healthcare. As a result, we dedicate our efforts to your care while keeping the cost of care affordable and always transparent and known to our patients. Our model also means shorter wait times, longer visits if necessary, and, above all, better outcomes.

Most primary care physicians, especially those who are part of a larger hospital system or physicians network, have as many as 3,000 patients. At Palmetto Proactive, our physicians are purposely limited to no more than half that number. The result is that our doctors spend an average of 25 minutes with every patient, compared to about five minutes of physician-patient facetime in typical primary care offices. This commitment to personal attention and low patient loads is a big reason why Palmetto Proactive has grown from one clinic to four in just a few years.

Our physicians are motivated by one thing: providing the best care for each patient. Physicians who are part of larger networks are financially compensated in part by how many referrals for additional tests and services they generate for other physicians in their network. At Palmetto Proactive, you will have access to a much larger menu of services than you are accustomed to at a family practice. And if you become a P3 member, you pay one price for everything we offer. No co-pays, no deductibles, no add-ons, no surprise bills.

More time with a physician. Transparent pricing. No unnecessary tests or referrals. Just you and your doctor, working together to take control of your health.


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