Our Commitment

People. Process. Purpose.

We are a Physician-Led, Direct Primary Care (DPC) family medicine practice that reunites the physician and patient in a proactive relationship.  We are driven by the idea that there is a better way.  A better way to provide primary care.  A better way to help people take charge of their health.

We strive to serve our PEOPLE.  We are committed to our PROCESS. We are called to fulfill our PURPOSE.

Our people are our patients. We create value by taking care of our people in a proactive patient-physician relationship. As board certified physicians, we are able to care for the majority of healthcare needs. We are humbled and honored to serve the communities we value.

Our process is Direct Primary Care (DPC). We have chosen to eliminate the paperwork and additional expenses associated with filing insurance claims. By doing so, we have given our communities the ability to choose paying directly for their care. We hope to continue to be an accessible, affordable and transparent choice of care.

Our purpose is to reunite the patient and doctor in a proactive relationship. Without insurance busy work, we can focus on our people. Like all healthcare workers, we are called to fulfill our purpose by caring and healing within our communities so that our people Get Well, Stay Well & Live Proactive.

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