Reduce Your Total Healthcare Spend

Reduce Healthcare Spend with Care Your Employees Value

By lowering both the out of pocket cost for your employees as well as the medical claims of employer plans, companies can reduce their total spend on healthcare annually.  Our DPC offices serve as the employer’s care coordinator.  Employees can come in for quality, accessible care at no additional charge to the employee.  We work to develop proactive engagement with the employee which allows for the potential of higher cost care in the future to be decreased or eliminated.  More importantly, the health of the employee is addressed at an earlier stage creating continued engagement with better health outcomes.


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Utilization Review

Healthcare Utilization

Employees are able to have unlimited office visits for preventative, sick, and urgent care.  In addition, our members are able to engage via phone/video chat and are provided an after hours line for urgent needs outside of our regular office hours.  


Direct Primary
Care Utilization

Employees using our clinics are more proactive about their health than those without a Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership.  A happier, healthier workforce can increase company profitability.

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